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Friday, September 29, 2006

Luxury pet peeves

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred writes on More On Pets And Pet Owners, Ids And Assault Therapy:
There are some pet owners that have sanity in the rear view mirror.
. . .
Pets do not send Christmas or Birthday cards, of the regular or email variety. Pets do not know it's your birthday, and further, they don't care. If they did really know, they would surprise you by not crapping in the house for a day, not chew on anything of value or they would let you sleep longer, not bark or jump on the furniture - just for that one day.
Behold, the Pawtisserie:

Yes, folks, there is a gourmet dog biscuit and designer dog bed store in Palmer Square. Designer dog beds.

I have invited The Sanity Squad for lunch and field trip. I hope they take me up on it.

This town can sure use four shrinks.

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