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Thursday, September 07, 2006

ABC caves in

Ed Driscoll is all over the story and after asking, How's That One Size Fits-All Media Playing Out These Days? wants to know
Quick thought: If the report about the cut scene involving Sandy Berger is accurate, given how many review copies of the miniseries have already been sent out on DVD, how long before a clip of the scene in question ends up on YouTube? (And/or Hot Air?)
That would be sweet!

Via The Anchoress, Scholastic pulled the discussion guide, too, and the Senate Dems Threaten Disney's Broadcast License

Why Does The American Left Demand The Prerogative To Indoctrinate?

Update, Friday September 8: Richard Clarke And The Path to 9/11, and Why Does The DNC Fear Free Speech?
America, Dumbed Down

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At 2:52 AM, Blogger boinky said...

well, you don't even need "Your tube"...within 24 hours, Steve Irwin's death video was available via Limewire ...so who stole that from the police?

so why not find someone with the original DVD and place it on your tube, Google Video, Bitcurrent and Limewire?

That'll serve them right.


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