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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hezbollah and counterfeiting, and today's articles from Maria

At the blogs
Dan Riehl has the story on Hezbollah And Counterfeiting

Remember the political cosmetics? Well, Conservative women are consumers, too, and The Cotillion is on a roll.

Right Wing Sparkle's first vlog!

ACLU To Defend War Desserter, Lt. Ehren Watada
Judge Taylor Who Struck Down Wiretap Case Accused Of Conflict Of Interest

This probably means I better celebrate my birthday a day or two early.

The National Review, promoting free trade?
We live in the age of miracles indeed: The awful effects of American protectionism.
The End of Free Trade

Forget the World Bank, Try Wal-Mart

Today's articles from Maria
Point of no return?
Even ruthless conquerors of the past, from Genghis Khan to Adolf Hitler, wanted some tangible gains for themselves or their nations -- land, wealth, dominion. What Middle East fanatics want is the destruction and humiliation of the west.
Read it all.

It isn't fanaticism, it's evil

Hizbullah: Zionist regime will be destroyed

A War of Images

War protest growing. IDF reserve soldiers, bereaved families want political, military leaders to resign in wake of war

Lebanon warns missile attacks on Israel will be seen as collaboration with enemy

Bush: 'Urgent' need for Lebanon security force


Many Lebanese fear next conflict will be with Hezbollah

Heavenly dog: Jazz funeral for pets lost to Katrina

A boy genius who played his numbers just right
Maths geniuses sum up the odd

Ozone hole stable, say scientists
Leading scientists in the United States say the hole in the ozone layer of the Earth's atmosphere above the Antarctic appears to have stopped widening.
I'm glad to hear that my former co-worker Juan's overuse of hairspray didn't have a lasting effect.

China pours £70bn into rescuing its water supply


Don't Believe That Lying Telephone

Via Jay, There Is No Right To Aid Terrorists


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