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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Jersey – The Democrat’s ‘Better Way’?
The Democrats' post-speech theme last night was "there has to be a better way", and Enlighten NJ lists the ways, reminding us that Democrats control both houses of the state’s legislature and the governor’s mansion.
New Jersey, Come See For Yourself! That’s the new state slogan. Really.
Last Friday DynamoBuzz was saying that The Honeymoon is Just About Over for Corzine

Today Betsy says,
I did find it funny that the Democrats chose someone who has just been in office for two and a half weeks to talk about all the areas where Democrats know a better way on how to govern.

Enlighten NJ points out that if America wants to know the "better way" that Democratic governors and legislators govern, you should just check out the mess that they have made of New Jersey.
And it's not getting any better.

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