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Friday, February 03, 2006

Evo's patience, tested
Here's an instance where you can compare something you can watch on TV, and how it's reported in a newspaper:
Yesterday I posted on the Univision interview where Evo Morales stated Castro's "a democratic man", and walked out when asked about drug traffic. If you go to that post and follow the links, you can watch the interview. Now Spanish daily El País has an article describing how poor Evo feels put-upon: La paciencia de Evo, a prueba: El presidente boliviano, molesto tras las reiteradas preguntas de un periodista sobre su opinión acerca de Cuba (Evo's patience, tested: Bolivian President, bothered by a journalist's repeated questioning about his opinion of Cuba). Even when the article's posted on the internet, there are no links to Jorge Ramos's article, which is titled EVO: "LA COCA ES SAGRADA" (Evo: "Coca is sacred"), or to the even more obvious Univision TV link.

The Ramos article available on line describes the interview in more detail than the TV clip. While Ramos doesn't deviate from his usual blaming the USA for whatever international event he's reporting, in the interview Ramos states that after he questioned Morales's statement that Castro's "a democratic man", by telling him that Cuban exiles have evidence of thousands of people dying under Fidel's rule, Morales ranted off against Pres. G. W. Bush, "I don't see people dying in Cuba as the killing going on in Iraq from Bush and the United States". Ramos then asked,
"Do you regard Bush as a murderer?", with Evo answering, "The people will be the ones to say that", avoiding the use of the first person.
. . .
However, when I [Ramos] again tried to get his personal opinion, he was bothered and replied, "Don't insist on that". A little later he added, "What you're tying is bringing this to an international confrontation and I won't have any of that"
The article mentions that Morales's Bolivia has asked the USA for a US$598 million grant.

Because nothing says "send me money" better than a little verbal abuse: Call the President a murderer while trying to get money from him all the same.

But it's Evo's patience that's being tested.

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