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Monday, February 06, 2006

Daddy Yankee, the Rolling Stones, and today's articles
The Sunday NYT Mag had a nice write-up of Daddy Yankee (Raymond Ayala), The King of Reggaetón. The only song I've heard is "Le gusta la gasolina" -- the last time I was in Puerto Rico it was played all the time.

The article says
but he also owns the three-room public-housing apartment
I didn't know you could own public housing apartments.

Mick: "We could have played Super Bowl #1"
And back then they'd sound a heck of a lot better. I hope the sound quality was better live than what I heard on my TV -- they sounded like a garage band doing an off-key imitiation of the Stones. And who were the other 2 guys on stage?

Today's articles from Maria
25 arrested over Palestine's 'missing' £400m
AT LEAST £400 million in public funds was squandered or stolen by former Palestinian Authority officials, it emerged yesterday, delivering a fresh boost to the radical Hamas group, which in part owed its election victory to claims of widespread corruption in the rival Fatah movement.
And that doesn't include Suha's Hotel Bristol bills.

America Expects Surveillance: Monitoring the enemy is necessary and appropriate.


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