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Monday, February 06, 2006

Cubazuela: Fidel hands Hugo a UN award, and other Caribbean stories
The United Nations is a morass of corruption and crime supporting a cadre of tyrannies, and the prizes it awards are yet another example: Chávez in Cuba to accept UNESCO award
Chávez Friday will be granted Friday night the International José Martí Award from Unesco for his contribution to Latin American integration and preservation of the region culture, traditions and historic values.
While visiting Cuba Hugo said Washington was right to be concerned by Latin America's tilt to the left because it represents a threat to the U.S. "empire."

Some may be tilting to the left, some may not.

While Fidel calls for an energy revolution which aims to install small electrical plants (that could produce 5-25 megawatts) to be linked to the national electrical power network, the problem is that the existing power network’s in a state of such decay that it needs a total overhaul. There’s no money for infrastructure for either Cuba or Venezuela, but there’s plenty of money for yet another propaganda effort: Cuba and Venezuela Create Cultural Fund for Latin American Integration
Presidents Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez signed a cooperation agreement on Friday to set up the Cultural Fund for the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas Regional Integration Project, know by its Spanish acronyms ALBA.
The fund would include the creation of the AlBA publishing house and a record label. So you can read by candlelight and hand-crank the old Victrola.

Then Hugo went back to Caracas and said US invasion to be repelled: Chavez for arming one million Venezuelans
President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday that he was considering the purchase of enough rifles to arm one million Venezuelans ready to repel a possible US invasion.
Chávez also said that besides more rifles, Venezuela will also buy rocket launchers.

Of course, "it would cost me nothing to order the closure of the refineries we have in the U.S.'' Where the money is actually going is anyone's guess.

Update: Don't miss a most interesting series of articles on What to do with Venezuela at Venezuela News and Views. Timely, in-depth analysis.

Update 2 Read about the Hunger Strike for Internet Freedom - In Cuba.

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