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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Black flags over Havana, monument to absurdity
After being punked, Fidel got mad and yelled out, "Las cucarachas son valientes" (the roaches are brave!)when the U.S. Interests Section in Havana flashed the message
"To those who may want to be here, we respect your protest. To those who don't want to be here, excuse the bother."
So Fidel had the wall of impotence erected (pun? yes)

Not one for subtlety, Fidel had the flagposts made to hold black flags. Not this black flag,

but these:

The purpose? To block the sign: Black flags block US sign in Cuba
The monument blocks the view of scrolling illuminated messages - some of them about human rights - displayed on the building by American diplomats.

It consists of 138 black flags with a white star.

Havana says it symbolises the more than 3,400 people that have died as the result of violent acts against Cuba since its 1959 revolution.
The flags make a mockery of the lives of the very people whose portraits are displayed, and the many others who have died under the revoluciĆ³n.

No word on the thousands of people who have died trying to cross ninety miles of shark-infested ocean to get away from Cuba's island prison.

Or the 6,000 documented executions by firing squad of political prisoners.

The flags are a monument to the absurd exploitation of an enslaved island, where a tyrant won't allow the people the freedom to read the news or hear the truth.

But the truth shines through

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