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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Atomic Iran, Hamas, MoMa's soul, buy Danish, and today's articles
Via Roger L. Simon, Posse Incitatus asks What if Iran can't build nukes?
The Posse does not mean to imply that Iran's drive to war is trivial or to be underestimated, merely that the nuclear threat is an illusion, a distraction to allow Iran to wage a concerted terrorist campaign against a clearly weakening West. Iran must do this before its economy collapses.
If that's the case, Iran's certainly playing Hugo and Fidel for fools. And the mullahs certainly have plenty of money to pay for nukes -- a collapsing economy's not one of their immediate concerns.

Buy Danish, and Maria's other articles
Michelle Malkin explains why, along with Kathleen Parker, you should buy Danish products. Lego, Carlsberg and Tuborg beers, havarti cheese, and more; Judith Apter Klinghoffer has a list.

Hamas wants Seville
Jonah Goldberg has an article on Palestine's willing executioners, including Um Nidal. The Spanish foreign minister blames the international community for Hamas's victory. Hamas seeks new aid donors after Western threats
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas implored European donors not to cut their aid.

“The European countries must understand that the Palestinian people are in bad need of this aid,” Mr. Abbas said. “I hope to God that they will change their positions, both Israel and the European countries.”

Hamas leaders, who have tried to portray a more moderate image since the election, sought to assure the donors that aid would go only to ordinary Palestinians and not be used for attacks.

Hamas officials said Tuesday, however, that the group already is in touch with potential donors in Arab and Muslim nations. The officials, declining to be identified, said the contacts are in an early stage.
Also at the Spain Herald, Hamas demands return of Seville in internet children's magazine:
The children's website Al Fateh, property of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, demands in its most recent issue the return of the Spanish city of Seville to the "lost paradise" of Al Andalus, as the Muslim part of Spain was called during its existence between 711 and 1492. The web magazine, whose name means "conqueror," says it is for "the young builders of the future."
The article doesn't say if the Spanish foreign minister blamed that on the international community, too. What's new about this is that Hamas is saying it -- back in 2001 Osama bin Laden was demanding the return of al Andalus.
Update Or, as Maria puts it,
And then they could make the whole world look like Gaza! A great perspective, isn't it -- for the whole civilization!
While you're at the Spain Herald, don't miss Iberian Notes, John Asts's blog.

What Hamas teaches us about Islam, Iraq, and democracy
This election gives the lie to two fallacious yet extremely influential ideas upon which American foreign policy has been based. First, the Arab/Israeli dispute remains intractable not because Palestinian Arab leadership is corrupt or evil (though it is), but because Palestinian Arabs, like their Muslim brethren across the globe, hate Israel and want the Jews thrown into the sea.
Jed Perl thinks the MoMa lost its soul, but I disagree. I find the MoMa a most agreeable place to visit and enjoy the art. I enjoy it by myself, or in the company of family and friends, including visiting blogger La Shawn,whether for a long visit or for a brief glance at the garden.

Louisiana Turned Down Feds' Help, Documents Show. But some will blame Bush for that, too.

Scandalology: A beginner's guide to the political scandal spells it out for you,
a rough attempt at taxonomy reveals that there are 10 basic types of Washington scandals.
You've got to read the rest.

Oscars & the New Hollywood Triviality, as opossed to the Old Hollywood Triviality. Oscars are beginning to look like a festivus of film aggreivances. Can't wait for them to bring a pole to the red carpet.

Speaking of triviality, I requested that Jack add Fausta's blog to the Blogs4Bauer blogring, on account of their political correctness.

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