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Friday, January 27, 2006

Um Nidal, death cult monster, and now elected official
Monday I said that no one personifies better the death cult of Palestinian politics better than Um Nidal. As expected, she got elected
Wilf Dinnick: "It doesn't matter that she has no political experience. Palestinians voted for Miriam Farahat because she's made astonishing sacrifices in her quest to destroy Israel. Farahat has sent three of her six sons on suicide missions. That's why her supporters call her Um Nidal, the 'Mother of the Struggle.' In this Hamas video, she shows her 17-year-old how to attack Israelis. Just hours later, he shot and killed five students in this Jewish settlement. Then, he was killed himself. 'I love my children,' she says, 'but, as Muslims, we sacrifice our emotions to build a nation for the Palestinian people.' Wherever she campaigned, people said it was the way she gave up her children for her nation, with no tears, that won their support. And this week they rewarded her with their votes.

“Now that Um Nidal has been elected to the Palestinian parliament, the question is: Will she end her violent campaign against Israel? Today, she vowed to do whatever Hamas asks of her. 'I am ready to serve,' she says. And if that means sacrificing her three remaining sons, Um Nidal says she's willing. Wilf Dinnick, ABC News, Gaza."
Shrinkwrapped and Sigmund Carl and Alfred weigh in on the election. As Alexandra said,
The Palestinian elections have amounted to deciding which one of the terrorist parties the Palestinians will vote for. Which method of killing do the Palestinians prefer? Disgraceful.
Hamas is the Palestinian Nazi Party. Is that what you want to continue funding, Jimmy?

Newsday refers to Um Nidal as The changing face of Hamas. The face of a monster.

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