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Monday, January 16, 2006

Python Palin panned, and how to get tickets to Spamalot when you need them
Python Michael Palin is facing moves to oust him as president of a leading environmental group because of his passion for long-distance air travel (link from Maria). Palin's not being repressed by an anarco-sydicalist commune of democratic peasants but by Transport 2000, which campaigns for sustainable travel and against growth in flights.

Apparently MP has "flown a quarter of a million miles in the past 17 years"
he also claimed that his adventures reduced overall greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging people to remain on their sofas.

He told a recent environmental conference: “I shall continue to make travel programmes, secure in the knowledge that the food I’m seen eating, the sanitary arrangements I’m seen experiencing and the coughing attacks that strike me halfway up high mountains are doing more than any government could to persuade people to stay at home.”
I love the Palin travel programs and respectfully suggest that if he's not going to use those 250,000 frequent flyer miles I'll be glad to have them. I promise I won't travel anywhere unsanitary and will do my best to stay away from bad food.

About the tickets
We wanted to see Spamalot, now playing at the Schubert Theater but didn't want to get our tickets eight months in advance. Because of several reasons, we also wanted to get the tickets the day before -- which meant that buying the tickets on line wasn't practical, since the vendors insist on mailing the tickets to you.

So I called the Marriot Marquis 1-212-398-1900 , which is across the street from the Schubert, and asked for the number for the theater ticket agency they have at the lobby. I ordered the tickets through them and requested that they please hold the tickets at their desk for the next morning. Sure enough, we got our tickets and were able to pick them up a couple of hours before the show.

If you don't mind paying a hefty premium, that's how.

As for Spamalot, go see it. You'll laugh so hard you'll want to come back for more.

And now, for the serious stuff
24's back. Jack is my favorite character, but President Palmer was my third favorite, and like my second-favorite, George Mason, got killed. Blogs4Bauer has a theory on the first lady, and Pajamas Media a round-up.

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