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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Liberals should know better.
Plus Iran, AlGore, the EU, Alito: Maria's articles for today

Via Instapundit: Liberals Should Know Better by Arnold Kling, looks at the consequences of the Wal-Mart decision:
In the liberal morality tale, Wal-Mart is a villain, and its workers are victims. However, Wal-Mart workers themselves feel lucky to be able to work there. What low-skilled workers need are more Wal-Marts. More Wal-Marts would increase employment for low-skilled workers, and ultimately this could drive up wages for such workers.

Maryland liberals believe that there is something wrong with free markets if Wal-Mart workers do not have enough health insurance. However, if Wal-Mart workers want health insurance badly enough, eventually the market will find a way to provide it. Ironically, one of the initiatives to try to reduce health care costs, which is the key to affordable health insurance, comes from Wal-Mart, which is experimenting with in-store clinics. If Wal-Mart is driven out of Maryland, the state will never be able to take advantage of its health care clinics.
Mahmoud, Kofi, and the Usual Suspects
Iran's nukes, Europe's follies by Amir Taheri.
Q and O Blog looks at
the Venezuela/Iran connection.

AlGore at MoveOn
There He Blows Again: "These insane ramblings are par for the course for the man who thundered, “He betrayed us! He betrayed this country!” They are but the latest in a long string of irresponsible, beyond-the-pale inanities from a bitter man."
Over at Kos, they're calling for humility.

European innovation
European Innovation Losing Out to Japan, US. Via ¡No Pasarán!, the EU mulls plan to create rival to MIT

More on Alito
Thomas Sowell writes about the Senate condemnation hearings
This is also not about Samuel Alito personally in a different sense. The larger question is how we are going to get the good people that we need on our courts, if they have to go through smears and petty harassment during confirmation hearings.

Highly qualified people usually have other options and many of them may go elsewhere rather than become the butt of cheap political games on nationwide television.
Democrats tried to smear Alito
Base Dogma: The liberal blogosphere is agog at how the Dems let Alito off (by subscription to the WSJ)
The Left hates inequality, not injustice

The Abu Hamza trial in London
Infiltration by the book

At the border
Mexican troops defiant: 'Border? What border?' Military 'crosses into America 216 times during past 9 years'
California's Inland Valley Daily Bulletin says U.S. officials claim the border-crossings are designed to help foreign drug and human smugglers gain safe access into American territory.
and last, but not least, Lessons from the fight against terrorism: Munich and the morality of Israel's counterterrorist measures.

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