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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The kilt, it's the statement of the fashion of the school in NJ
The Manolo comes to mind while one reads the story about a boy and his skirt.

Not a boy named Sue,
but a boy who sued,
and the ACLU.

Young Michael Coviello wanted to wear shorts to school but wasn't allowed to after October 1, so he sued (with the help of the ACLU, imagine that) to be allowed to wear skirts, and now the headline is Student wins right to skirt rules.

Glad to hear the ACLU is there when we need protection from the barbarians who won't allow us to show our knees after October 1.

The school superintendent made the one fatal mistake: giving a teen a dare,
Laura Coviello said she spoke with schools Superintendent Joseph Luongo, who explained district policy.

Michael also met with Luongo and told the schools chief that "girls wear skirts, and their legs are exposed," his mother said. "And Mr. Luongo said, if that's the way you feel, then wear a skirt."
The rest is history.

Update: Welcome, Stop The ACLU readers.
Update 2: Welcome, The Anchoress readers. The Anchoress correctly points out,
And it should be noted that bringing in the ACLU only accomplished letting a boy wear a skirt. The student still did not win; shorts are still out until spring.
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