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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Global warming, you say? and today's articles from Maria
Mark Steyn explodes the Climate change myth
That's the new buzz phrase these days: climate change. We've got to stop it, or change it back before it destroys the planet. And, if it doesn't destroy the planet, circa 2011 the Kyotocrats will be citing lack of climate change as evidence of climate change. They are, literally, a church, and under the Holy Book of Kyoto their bishops demand that the great industrial nations of the world tithe their incomes to them. So they're never going to take Crichton's advice.

That being so, the next best thing is the Asia-Pacific Partnership, or the "coalition of the emitting": Australia, the US, India, China, Japan, and South Korea. These nations are responsible for about half of greenhouse gas emissions and, by 2050, will account for roughly 75 per cent of global gross domestic product. In other words, these are the players that matter. And, unlike the Kyotophiles, their strategy isn't a form of cultural self-flagellation. America and Australia will be making Western technology available to developing nations to accelerate their development, so they don't have to spend a century and a half with belching smokestacks glowering over grimy cities the way the first industrialised nations did.
Maria, who knows a thing or two about Russian winters, sent this article on record cold temperatures in Russia. Of course, as Steyn predicted,
So, when the new ice age predicted in the '70s failed to emerge, the eco-crowd moved on in the '80s to global warming, and then more recently to claiming as evidence of global warming every conceivable meteorological phenomenon: lack of global warmth is evidence of global warming; frost, ice, snow, glaciers, they're all signs of global warming, too
it's all because of global warming that Russian squirrels are freezing their nuts off
One Russian news website ran the headline "The Day After Tomorrow - in Moscow", referring to the Hollywood film about global warming in which the United States is enveloped overnight in a new ice age.
Obviously science illiteracy is not the exclusive domain of bad public schools in the USA. I blame global warming for that, too. UpdateThey're trying to break into jail as city heads for -40C. Click on the photo for more on the big freeze.

More articles from Maria:
The World News Daily 2005 'spike' list
of most underreported stories includes
1. Failure of the 9-11 commission to investigate "Able Danger."
2. Successes in rebuilding Iraq.
3. Cover-up of David Barrett's probe of Clinton IRS and Henry Cisneros.
4. The impact of illegal immigration on the U.S. and its security.
5. The truth about Terri Schiavo and her death.
6. Sandy Berger's slap on the wrist for stealing classified documents.
7. The fact that WMDs were found in Iraq.
8. Atrocities of radical Islam.
9. Islam's impact on French riots.
10. Good news about the economy.
Links and details at WND.

Murtha's medals
came for surface wounds that never caused his evacuation from the battlefield, and like Kerry, he attempted to get his medals by political manipulation, if you are interested.

Write to Cindy
I personally feel that Cindy Sheehan is to be pitied and ignored, but since Maria sent the link, if you want you can write her a letter at Town Forum Press.


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