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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Georgetown, George in more trouble, what global warming?, booed Barroso, and Maria's articles
Jay posts on Essential Liberties at Georgetown University. Last Tuesday Roger L. Simon had a related post the other day.

Galloway may face serious fraud office investigation

George Galloway faces the prospect of a criminal investigation into his activities by the serious fraud office, which has collected evidence relating to the oil-for-food corruption scandal in Iraq.
Law spares Galloway big bother of £2m bill, while Galloway finally implodes

Maria's articles:
Starting with WHAT global warming?
Records shatter as arctic weather grips Europe. It's snowing in Athens.

While we worry about global warming, there's also Moon Is Dragging Continents West, Scientist Says. A little to the left, maybe?

Straight from the arm of the vast right wing conspiracy,
Europe's C.I.A. Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Secret Prisons (emphasis mine)
An inquiry by the Council of Europe into allegations that the C.I.A. has operated secret detention centers in Eastern Europe has turned up no evidence that such centers ever existed, though the leader of the inquiry, Dick Marty, said there are enough "indications" to justify continuing the investigation.
. . .
Mr. Marty's findings to date amount to little more than a compendium of press clippings.
Yesterday morning the BBCA news dedicated fifteen minutes of valuable air time to Mr. Marty's ramblings, broadcast live while I had a chance to get up, shower, and dress. A brief search of their website shows shows several articles, but none of the headlines relate any information as the NYT's.

Booed Barroso
French deputies heckle Barroso over Europe. You can watch the video at France2 (click under Le président de la commission européenne à l'Assemblée). And why was he booed?
as he defended himself and his Brussels colleagues against accusations that they favored free markets at the expense of social protections.
Part 2 of Dr. Sowell's article on Political corruption, where he proposes huge salaries for congressmen/women.

Arnold Ahlert of the NY Post asks, four questions regarding the War on Terror that most Democrats can't — or won't — answer.

The Unsmoked Signal of Victory on Alito

Last but not least,
Walter Perry Johnson Award: Blogs most Deserving of Wider Recognition
Hosted by Enlighten NJ

Go nominate a blog!

Baby pictures: Little dudes today
Today's photo courtesy of C.,
In another part of the country, the Broncos have a new fan.


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