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Monday, January 23, 2006

Blogged in drivel, Camp Katrina's Weapons Cache Databank, plus George in red, The Poncho, SNL, and Maria's articles, starting with,
The Iranian murder victims

Maria sent this article, Sisters publish list of 9,400 Iranians 'murdered' by the regime. Just yesterday the Star Ledger's dead-tree edition had an article by Charles Taylor titled Blogged down in drivel where he deplores blogs,
What this means is that it's less likely the people who turned to the Internet because they felt print media wasn't doing its job will be able to find substantive writing on the issues and topics they were looking for. It increases the chances that what's covered will only what's "hot" -- good luck to little-known work that needs attention or an important story that isn't "sexy" enough.
The same section of the Star Ledger (section ten, page 4) had the story Iranian brutality: A Web site buried at the bottom of the page -- obviously the Star Ledger considers the Iranian sisters' list of their compatriots murdered by the state as not "sexy enough", to use Taylor's words, and relegated it to the next-to-last page on section ten, way behind Mr. Taylor's article.

What is interesting is that, not only are the Iranian women risking their lives by having the Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation site, the article itself was written by Anne Applebaum, who has dedicated her website, and her career, to similar, "unsexy" stories.

(on a side issue, why is the London Times using scare quotes for murdered?)
Update While on the subject of whether blogs are blogged down in drivel, consider how Jawa Report Helps Nab Would-be Terrorist.

Camp Katrina's new feature
2006 Terrorist Weapons Cache Discovery Databank
Camp Katrina's 2006 Weapons Cache Databank, updated daily, now gives you the ability to check out a current list of MSM-ignored stories showing every bomb and gun our military takes out of terrorist hands this year.
I predict that Camp Katrina's Phil Van Treuren's going to be the next Chrenkoff.

George in red
Via Maria, George sinks to new low. Mercifully, Scott's on vacation and was spared the pitiful sight. May I remind you that George's party is named Respect?

From Judith of Kesher Talk, It's TIME TO MAKE THE DOUGHNUTS! at SNL.

Evo claims to have received "spiritual powers" while wearing poncho
Morales recibiĆ³ "poderes espirituales": Buenas vibras para toma de poder (Morales recieved "spiritual powers": Good vibes for his ascent to power).
The Evo, he doesn't read the blog of The Manolo.

Then and now
(via Shrinkwrapped) At No oil for pacifists compares things now and in 1980.

Other stories from Maria:
Are we supposed to believe this? Zarqawi "sleeps in suicide belt"
IRAQ'S most wanted man, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, goes to sleep every night wearing a suicide belt packed with explosives, according to a leading insurgent who met him two weeks ago.
So far Zarqawi's been good for sending others to their suicides.

What the "truth" anymore
The willingness to accept "emotional truth," even when packaged in lies, is hardly new. What's new is that those who insist on factual truth are now on the defensive-pictured as fuddy-duddies who don't understand that the self recognizes the highest truth in feelings.
Democrats don't need hearings, they have People For The American Way.

Two for the "surprise, surprise" file:
Chavez hosts World Social Forum as leftist movements unite against Bush
Kerry Says He Will Vote Against Alito

Carnival #36
Hosted by The Center of NJ Life


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