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Monday, December 05, 2005

Venezuela: The legal but not legitimate election
Venezuela News and Views: Let’s make this very careful distinction: the newly elected national Assembly is Legal but not Legitimate.


Venezuela 'landslide' for Chavez
Parties allied to President Hugo Chavez say they have won all 167 seats in the country's parliament, after elections boycotted by the opposition.
None of the five main opposition parties took part, accusing the electoral body of bias.

Only about 25% of registered voters cast a ballot.
Chavez Lawmakers Claim Victory After Congress VoteVenezuela: Chávez gana pero...

Venezuelan law doesn't stipulate a minimum participation requirement.

Alex Beech
RIP Venezuela's democracy
Just like in Cuba, where his adored mentor has won hands down all 'democratic' elections for the last 46 years without any form of opposition, Hugo Chavez made history yesterday by getting his candidates elected to all the assembly seats in a one-party electoral race; what an extraordinary feat.

The Devil's Excrement has extensive coverage, including his tour of the city with Mora (also posted at Publius Pundit)
The polling stations were empty because voters didn´t want to see their votes desecrated. That´s all there is to it. Venezuelans were threatened with the loss of their jobs if they didn´t vote and they ... just didn´t vote anyway.
Hispalibertas (in Spanish, my translation)
It's now official. After 75% of the Venezuelan population's refusal to participate in the Chavista farce, the pro-government parties are distributing powers among themselves in the Caribbean country.

PMBComments has the sign:

Update Gateway Pundit says Chavez Embarrassed by Venezuela Voter Turnout. Read GP's excellent post, watch the Reuters video, and realize that Chavez ended up taking all of the Congressional seats in the election which will enable him to remain in office permanently. Because of that, my feeling is that Chavez won't fell embarassed at all by this electoral travesty. Quite the contrary.

Further round-up at Global Voices Online

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