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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Vanishing Israel
Anti-Semitism makes inroads in two, not subtle ways
A week ago, the United Nations held a “Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” at the UN headquarters in New York City, which was attended by a man of many fruitless condemnations, Kofi Annan himself. There’s a map behind Kofi Annan between the UN and PLO flags that depicts Israel and the Palestinian territories. Only problem? The words at the top of the map clearly refers to the land as Palestine, making no reference to the separation of territories, effectively wiping Israel off the map.
The Israeli Red Cross can join the International Red Cross only if they drop the use of the Star of David in favor of a non-religious symbol, a red diamond

You could say it's part of the project ("To nourish a sentiment of rancour with respect to the Jews and refuse all coexistence") if you're inclined towards conspiracy theories.

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