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Monday, December 12, 2005

Today's articles from Maria, and from the web
From Maria,
1. I thought Mark Steyn was referring to Hugo when he wrote this But seriously folks, this clown is dangerous, but he was talking about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
2. A guy after my own heart, Happy News
3. The unliberal left as penny-pinching cheapskates.
4. At 60, boomers redefine aging. Note to all visiting this blog, if, by the time I turn 60, anyone refers to me as an abbie, I'll probably resort to violence. Being called a yuppie was bad enough.
5. "Torah food for my brain let it rain till I drown, Thunder! Let the blessings come down,", Amen, bro!
6. NewsMax says that Chris Wallace thinks his dad has lost it.
and, 7. The Final Habits of Highly Defective People #9 is Have an “It’s not my job” mentality and #10's Quit when the going gets tough, but Doug Giles provides 20 amazing maxims to quit by
1. Allow people who mock you to influence what you should do in life.
2. Distress should weaken you not strengthen you.
3. Little minds shrink when opposed.
4. When you get knocked down, stay down.
5. Don’t allow your conscience the right to approve of your conduct; that could cause you to turn and go in a noble direction when what you should really do is to quit.
6. If you have an objective (which you shouldn’t) only go for it one time. If it doesn’t pan out, abandon it PDQ!
7. Trouble is a sign that you should stop.
8. Let people’s criticisms and fears overwhelm you.
9. Do not let courage coach your ambitions.
10. Beware of persistence because it is the habit of the victorious.
11. Accept mediocrity instead of demanding excellence.
12. Do not concentrate all your energies of body, mind and soul in one direction; that would make you invincible.
13. When your will is crossed and your desires are disappointed, let that erode your faith, drown you in doubt and sideline you forever.
14. If you are going to attempt something, only do so half-heartedly.
15. Avoid starting anything new. If you must start something, for God’s sake, do not stick with it, because that is a requirement for success.
16. Don’t be ballsy, unfailing, lively, daring or over-the-top.
17. Courage will make you overcome danger, misfortune, fear and injustice, so forget that crap!
18. Do not stay on task. That would cause you’ll get dusty, sweaty and bloody, and that is a prerequisite for true success.
19. Always be cautious and careful. That’ll keep you from ever trying anything requiring perseverance.
20. Finally, Never mind that Winston Churchill said that if you’re going through hell, keep going. What BS! What does he know? He’s never been on MTV!
Conservative Blogs are More Effective
because, according to the NYT, they are generally less interested in examining every side of every issue and more focused on eliciting strong emotional responses from their supporters.
Michelle Malkin nominates that for dumbest NY Times piece ever. I don't know about dubmest -- The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid has lots of other dumb NYT pieces.

But, remember, the NYT's blogospheric.

NJ Carnival #30
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