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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Maria's articles
Contributed by our in-house researcher extraordinaire,
Britain grapples with gruesome "honor" crimes
The CPS, which decides whether to press charges against suspects in British criminal cases, says such crimes are on the rise, particularly since the July 7 London bombings.
The article says that "The CPS [Britain's Crown Prosecution Service] stresses honor crime is not just a Muslim issue", but at least they manage to mention that, "That said, the bulk of these crimes involve the South Asian community and in particular the Muslim community."

Holy family, Magi nixed from nativity. Library says figures would be 'inappropriate,' action leaves just farm animals, shepherd boy, While I agree with SC&A that Happy Holidays is an idiotic place to draw a line in the sand (and add that the White House Christmas card is lovely and appropriate, too), I feel that banning Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the wise men from a promotional nativity scene – leaving only the stable animals and a shepherd boy - from a public library is insulting. As Maria said,
Exactly 28 years ago we were waiting for our permission to leave the USSR or rejection (our permission arrived on Dec. 28th!!!). Little did we know or could imagine in the wildest dreams that the country we have dreamed of so much would one day (during our lifetime!!!) resemble the "communist's paradise" that we were so eager to leave.
For those who have lived in totalitarian regimes, such an act looks too much like Stalin editing his enemies out of photographs.

Bruce Thorton's article Beyond Color: Looking for the truth about black underclass culture talks about Dr. Sowell's book, which you can buy here.

Today is Pearl Harbor day
Mean Dean and Michelle Malkin have round-ups. Today in History has more.


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