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Monday, December 26, 2005

The history behind Munich, Lost Budgie, and others
The History Behind Munich: Separating truth from fiction in Spielberg's movie at Slate:
Spielberg, in inventing a story about violence begetting violence "inspired by real events" is raising questions worth asking. Even so, Israel's response to Munich was not a simple revenge operation carried out by angst-ridden Israelis. Both the larger context, and the facts on the ground, rarely get in Spielberg's way. A rigorous factual accounting may not be the point of Munich, which Spielberg has characterized as a "prayer for peace." But as result, Munich has less to do with history and the grim aftermath of the Munich Massacre than some might wish.
Kesher Talk has a series of posts examining the Munich Massacre and "Munich" the movie:
Munich remembered: The PLO and the Germans and the French
Munich remembered: The Athletes
Munich remembered: The Olympics
Munich remembered: The Protagonists Speak
Munich remembered: First they came . . .
Munich remembered: the British Arabists
Munich remembered, the movie: "Inspired by Real Events"

That was then. This is now: Lost Budgie posts on Tariq Ramadan:
Killing 8-year-old Jewish children is "contextually explicable" according to Tariq Ramadan, a featured speaker at the "Reviving The Islamic Spirit" convention being held at the National Trade Centre in Toronto Canada from December 23 to 25, 2005.
In the local news,
Princeton Future seeks donations. Well, cry me a river.

Carnival time
The Carnival of the NJ bloggers is hosted by Media in Trouble. Dr. Sanity has the Carnival of the Insanities:

Heard the Word of Blog?

On a lighter vein, Jib-Jab's latest


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