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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Happy Saint Nicholas's Day
Pieter Dorsman tells us about St Nicholas in Holland. For the Dutch, last night, St. Nick's eve, was the night of gifts.

My next-door neighbor, from Ghana, told us he'd get his Christmas outfit on St. Nicholas's day, too.

Sigmund Carl and Alfred post on Money, Sex, and Christmas
The choice of what we do with money is just that, a choice. This is an important distinction -there are those who wish to decide for us and take away our choice. In other words, free will is taken from us. The standards du jour are imposed. There is no free will without private property.
SC&A are just warming up. You must read it all.

The Anchoress ponders that where your treasure is, so will be your heart.

It's Thank A Soldier Week, and Liz Moser has links to show your support.

Update Following yesterday's Narnia article, Scott has A Proposal to Readers, Turner Prize News, Religious Bigotry at the Guardian.
I'll be supporting Scott's bid for lunch with Robert Fisk,
Imagine the degree to which Mr. Fisk would enjoy that session, conducted before an Ablution-selected audience of 12 sceptical bloggers - better still, imagine the blog posts that would follow!
Send Scott to lunch with Fisk!


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