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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Baldismacked, three gifts, Maria's link, and the King
Juliette of Baldilocks Blog addresses race relations vis a vis the Tookie Williams case in her post To A Young One Who Is An Apologist For A Terrorist.

Fran's Sunday Ruminations: Fingerprints On The Soul ponders the three greatest gifts anyone can receive.

Today's article from Maria
Major win for Limbaugh in medical-records battle. Talk-show giant's attorney praises ruling protecting doctor-patient confidentiality

3 hours of King Kong
might be too much for me, but John DeVore of the NYSun says it's An Astounding 'King Kong' That's Bigger Than Life which works "like a superb revival of "Hamlet." " And then there's this,
While on board, we meet the third most important character in the movie, captive playwright Jack Driscoll, played by the buff Adrien Brody, whose heroic gait and six-pack abs briefly betray the long accepted body type of his character's chosen profession. He's an unlikely hero, but the lanky, soulful Mr. Brody seems to have a ball saving the girl, machine-gunning velociraptors, and dangling off the leg of a giant flapping bat.
Sounds good to me.

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