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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Four intersting articles sent by Maria, TBHB deputy researcher:
Our accomplishments in Iraq make for long list
We're over there, we Yanks, in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait. We kicked the Taliban thugs out of Afghanistan, sent them packing, and worked with the populace that emerged from the rubble, allowed a government to form, citizens to vote, women to go outside, girls to go back to school, and all to return to work in hospitals, stores and banks.

In Iraq, we cornered the dictator's sadistic sons and sent them to their final judgment. We captured their father, the tyrant and mass-murdering Saddam Hussein, dragged him out of a rat-hole in the desert and are bringing him to justice before a jury of Iraqis. We've seen the populace of Iraq vote on a constitution -- even under threat of being beheaded by Islamofascists -- going to the polls some 70 percent strong. Schools are opening, stores are operating and soon the Iraqi people will vote again on a new government.
A gruesome album of photographs of mass graves in Iraq from the Rush Limbaugh website.

The Big Paradox: A swirl of self-contradiction in New Orleans
The Big Easy is now the Big Paradox. As this entire region reels, its chief city attempts resurrection within a swirl of self-contradiction.
Former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, proposes guidelines for coercive interrogation in his article The “Moral Authority” Canard: Senator McCain is heroic, awe-inspiring, and wrong

Maria also sent articles on Judi Werthein's shoes, and on Evolution: Rationality vs. Randomness

Thank you, Maria!


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