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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Beeb and France2 cover the US elections: a sample

First, the Beeb:
Last night's evening brodcast stated with - I kid you not - SANDY BERGER as guest commenter on the subject of the elections.

Yes, the Sandy Berger who actually stole classified documents and stuffed them down his underpants and socks, a fact that was scrupulosly ignored by the BBC anchorwoman.

Need I say more?

Moving right along.

France2 reported on the stories of the day, in order of importance: perfumed cigarettes, global warming, and saying that Baghdad's curfew's coming to an end "after being cut off from the world". Obvioulsy not cut off enough from the French.

From Iraq they segued into the American elections, heading to Frederick, Maryland, where they found Andrew Duck, Iraq veteran and Democrat candidate, who they introduced with:
Il se appelle Duck, non Donald.
His name is Duck, not Donald
I tell you, those frogs crack me up every time.

Andrew was shown talking about how he's against the war in Iraq.

After Andrew it was 22yr old Thomas Cassidy's turn. Cassidy, another Iraq veteran who said he "was there for a year ... and it was worse than I could imagine." Then they went to the big fish, John Murtha, "formerly a Marines Coronel, whose patriotism is beyond a doubt, who proposes a radical solution". They didn't mention Okinawa. (One small detail - I can swear they called him Senator Peter Murtha, but at least they displayed his correct name on screen.)

Back in DC, the reporter, Alain de Chalvron, carried on at length about how everybody's obsessed about Iraq, and about the financial and sex scandals plaguing the Republicans. His words were lifted right off the Dems' talking points.

All the politicians featured in the report were Democrats.

Later in the broadcast they interviewed Segolene Royal, the bobby-pin wearing wannabe presidential candidate for the Socialist Party, who's looking forward to a Democrat victory in the US so "the US can act responsibly [regarding global warming] on Kyoto, as Al Gore has said".

You can watch the newscast here until approx. 3PM EST.

As Betsy was saying,
Ah, now there's a reason to get out there and vote Republican down the line - making the media "eat it."
Add the Beeb and the French media to that sentiment.

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At 12:38 PM, Blogger Andre Teissier du Cros said...

You seem to discover that French medias are just as stoopid when they talk about the US than US medias when they talk about France...
Andre, French born US citizen

At 1:00 PM, Blogger MaxedOutMama said...

That's hilarious, Fausta! Thank you.


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