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Monday, October 23, 2006

Larwyn's post: Like teenage girls with "secrets" DEM's leak their own, too

Larwyn guest-blogs today, with my appreciation.

DEMs are like a bunch of teenage girls with secrets and most everything else.

If you've noticed that I copy and send out many posts from DrSanity, Shrinkwrapped, OneCosmos and Sigmund,Carl&Alfred, you know I am a fan of their writings.

If you only occasionally dip into their blogs, you see the psych jargon for very immature behaviors. This "secrets" thing just is another example. Not only do they leak classified information that threatens our national security, but they are leaking their own "secret" plans for when they ride their jack ass train to victory.

At least Rangle stepped up and admitted he's going to raise taxes after the plan was leaked. Leahy and Dobbs are telling us they'll introduce legislation to destroy the bill the President just signed setting up Military Commissions.

But they are still trying to deny that they will use the power of the checkbook to turn Iraq into a replay of the "killing fields" of Cambodia and VietNam, even after they've said as much on Sunday shows and in other interviews. Perhaps Rangle,Leahy and Dobbs are the only DEMs who have a bit of honor left. That doesn't included Pelosi and Conyers who are now trying to rephrase their impeachment drive while their staffers and operatives have been touting and celebrating their plans for just that for past year.

So why should we be surprised that they can't be trusted with classified materials?

Is this just another manifestation of the LEFT's drive to "de-MAN" their followers? Way back in that "greatest generation" men didn't engage in either "giddy girl" or "old-biddy" gossip. It was a matter of honor to keep your buddies' secrets. Gossip and telling of secrets was the realm of the "weaker sex".

Know I've extrapolated and generalized here, but the manly virtues seem sorely lacking in the DEM party, NOW must be very proud.

Sadly, the disappearance of the manly courageous male is rampant across the pond. LGF has a great example posted today: UK: Fear of Terrorism Halts Terrorism Project. Can anyone imagine Chruchill calling off a study of the Nazis' tactics out of fear of them???


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At 12:12 PM, Blogger J. Peden said...

Just what new can you possibly say about Dem. good ole "Chicken Dhimmis"? [Colonel Sanders]

"This is your brain on Chaos", scrambled asexuals? [DEA]

"The Blank Slate gone wild"? [The Lancet produces Spring Break videos of Raging Whormorons and Limbic Simpletons]

"It's a case of projection-no-reflection, not just a taste of projection-no-reflection?" [Dr. Sanity and Hall and Oates finally confront Bela Lugosi]

"Randomness epitomized"? [The Einstein Rejection Project]

Or are Dem. dims "jus' Ruined, that's all, jus' Ruined"? [Bo Diddly tells us the truth]

Whatever, "They blow up good, Jethro, real good." "Yeah, Uncle Jed, they blow up good." [Hee Haw joins forces with the Beverly Hillbilly's to see the future]

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Fausta said...

JP, brilliant!

Dr. Sanity and Hall and Oates finally confront Bela Lugosi

At 3:44 PM, Blogger erp said...

That's something you don't see everyday, Leahy and honor in the same sentence. Nice post and great comment by jpeden.

At 3:47 PM, Blogger topsecretk9 said...

This is fantastic....now encourage Larwyn to you use her own blog too



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