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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Read Scott's report on The Project
Friend and guest blogger of this blog Scott Burgess of The Daily Ablution has a three-part report on The Project:
The Project is a 14 page document apparently drawn up by Muslim Brotherhood leadership in 1982 outlining a plan to "establish the reign of Allah everywhere on Earth" via both the liberation of Palestine and the establishment of an Islamic superstate.
Scott refers to Swiss journalist Sylvain Besson's book La Conquête de L'Occident, which outlines The Project. Bear in mind that
It should be emphasised that, while the author or authors remains unknown (although I'm working on an article that presents an interesting guess), its authenticity - in that it is what it pretends to be, and is the product of "Islamic researchers" - has been admitted by the Egyptian financier and longtime Muslim Brotherhood member in whose villa it was found by Swiss authorities, who entered it into evidence in a court case against him.
Scott has translated from the French and has posted it here:
Part I,
Part II,
Part III

Part IV tomorrow.


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